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How to implement appointments

To arrange a meeting with Prof. Dr. Manuel Steinbauer, please check the appointment availability in the calendar linked here and send an Outlook meeting invitation as described below. An additional mail is not necessary. Preferred office hours are Tuesday to Thursday afternoon between 13:00 and 16:00. You will get a better overview in the calendar by changing the view to "week" or "day" to in the upper right corner.

To book a meeting with another member of the group, please arrange a meeting by mail/phone and send an Outlook meeting invitation afterwards.

Send an Outlook meeting invitation as described below (the application may differ slightly depending on the Outlook version):
1. new meeting/new calendar event.
2. title of the meeting: Enter a generally valid title and your name abbreviation here (e.g. "Master thesis meeting - XY").
3. required participants/persons: Add the person with whom you want to book an appointment as a required participant       to the meeting via their university e-mail address.
4. Start: Select the date and time of an available appointment.
5. End: Select the date and time. Most meetings take about 30 minutes.
6. location: Please mention if the meeting will take place in office or create a suitable online meeting and add it as a                  location.
7. free text field: In the free text field you can describe your request, the topic you are interested in and more.
8. send

The meeting you have set should now become visible as a blocked appointment in the calendar (this may take some time).

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